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Fixed Target

“In a fixed-target experiment, a charged particle such as an electron or a proton is accelerated by an electric field and collides with a target, which can be a solid, liquid, or gas. A detector determines the charge, momentum, mass, etc. of the resulting particles.”1

Jajaja Space is proud to present Fixed Target, a group exhibition featuring the work of Robert Andrade, Roxana Azar, Justin Hodges, Jacob Riddle and Yosei Shibata. For Fixed Target each artist was asked to present a piece from an ongoing or unresolved body of work. The intention of the exhibition is to provide an alternative context for each artist’s ongoing work and to offer the artist some measurement of the work’s charge, momentum or mass.

1. http://pages.towson.edu/zverev/conceptual/9.htm

Robert Andrade
Roxana Azar
Justin Hodges
Jacob Riddle
Yosei Shibata